A New Country.

It’s 4:40am in Southern CA. All I can hear are car engines fighting the silence of the morning and the wind occupying the freeway within earshot.

10 years ago - I was shoving my dreams under a city sized rug (Kansas City, MO to be exact), placing my focus on survival to ensure I could pursue them later and walk in my purpose. Fast forward to now, I live 1,500 miles away where my wife, son and I have the fortitude, opportunity and ability to flourish in a way we never could have imagined. The environment is a large proponent of that - but along the way we’ve also made several sacrifices to expedite this process and make this new life a reality. I dug my dreams up from under that rug, only to dust them off and hang them up while I crack open a computer to contribute to the future of our physical existence as much as I can. I’m only a year and a half with my feet wet into technology, and I too can see the untapped translucent land that is slowly being materialized.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank Balaji S. Srinivasan for being a conduit of such a progressive convo starter - Prior to this post: How To Start A New Country - I didn’t have a place or person to voice my sentiments.

I once heard Kanye West elude to the fact that the Internet was the interchangeable offering for what “The Jetsons” led us to believe life would be like in the future - and I felt as though I was the only person I personally knew, that understood what he meant. I’m 99.99% sold on the infrastructure of technology empowering individuals around the world with building an entire ecosystem where people from different walks of life could congregate at the snap of a finger and work towards their combined new reality.

The only gap in the plot I’d need to fill surrounds this question - What systems would need to be put in place to ensure this Cloud Country would be sustainable? My personal knowledge surrounding the infrastructure of even THIS country is minuscule compared to those who currently run it - but I’m for damn sure smart enough to know that thousands of years of ideas, beliefs, agreements and most importantly “Cultural Constructs” form the foundation of where we live and operate. I’m one to pitch that even with the Freedom technology allows, it would be no different. With our current examples: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. - so much as been accomplished. On the other hand, we’ve unearthed truths and roadblocks we plow through for the sake of monetary and personal gain.

My offering would be that the first order of business would need to be constructing a board of entities that act as a Government/Administration to delegate and oversee what follows. Social Media and the emergence of Decentralized technologies have traveled around the world and back - but still live within the jurisdiction of the governing agents of the world and are penalized each time they step a “country” mile outside of it. As valuable as these technologies or “countries” are proving to be, what can truthfully solidify them as EQUAL and sovereign civilizations for centuries to come?

I fought my way out of my city and made space next to my dream to help figure it out.

- Dev