Ad Infinitum.

Welcome to the first issue of my now "Weekly" Newsletter!

I hope the holiday provided you

with a moment of peace to refresh for all thats to come.

-- i woke up this morning around 5am,

about 2 hours before my alarm clock  

violently dismissing all thoughts

that I know no longer serve me

or my purpose here in this life.

not too long ago, i struggled with this

because of my care

for those around me,

like me,

and those to come after me.

hell bent on excercising strengths

i stumbled upon the weaknesses

that accompany them

and ended up at square 1 –

believing less of what i did before

about who and what I am.

this, is the real war happening

and as I've always known

THAT is not my battle.

our responsibility is to serve

the purpose gifted to us from birth

no matter what.

all of this to say,

i'm excited for whats to come

what I will share

and what you'll experience

on your own path

because to feel, think or believe

anything else

would be to change the course

of the creators plan for us

~ Dev