Ask Along The Way.

While searching for content surrounding self awareness yesterday,

I was pointed to one of Ryan Holiday's books:

In the second part of the book,

there's a section titled: "What's Important To You?",

where he poses 1 very important question to solve – the first being:

"Why do you do what you do?"

I believe that it's necessary for us to have this conversation

with ourselves as much as humanly possible,

& It's been a while since I've checked in with myself on this to be honest.

so... I asked myself that about every area of pursuit in my life

that's not already solidified, & I'm happy to share a few:

Why did you begin writing a blog/writing again?:

  • To continue to exercise my gift and offer insight/inspiration to those who may need it.
  • To build a community/platform where free ideas can live and expand.

Why did you drop your dream and pivot into technology?

  • I've always been hyperaware of the power and value of technology
  • I noticed that I was mentally apt for the space and believed that I could contribute on a high level and bring the knowledge back to spaces that didn't have access

Why are you constantly searching for information/knowledge?

  • My spirit has yearned for knowledge, understanding and growth for as long as I could remember.
  • My awareness of what I am aware of fuels me to become a conduit for those like me who don't have the opportunity or capacity.

It may not reveal much for you, but to have a knowing in the foundation of all things you do can provide understanding and clarity moving forward - so when you have some time, try it out!

Feel free to share back if you'd like. God Bless,

~ Dev