Devin Wilson

soon enough.

life works in funny ways. i've spent the past 4 years fruitfully spinning my wheels to only end up back at square 1: right here, speaking to you. mad grateful for all that


things are changing. change is evident. although – i've been struggling with it. but, after fighting for change so long all that i've acquired has made the fight worth it. i'm dedicating the rest

Make Space.

no-one else can come here. as i’ve grown, fought, and lived — this has remained my pocket of the universe that no-one can break into. & even though it was gifted, i’ve always

You're Here Now.

hot take: doing things for the sake of doing them equals the quickest road to truth. i'd give my blood for optimization – so much so, i've found myself in places and circumstances I

Thorn of Mine.

I'm led by spirit empowered by an engrained sense of responsibility I'm not here to be indifferent I'm not here to even be "special" It's greater than me It's something I see in