Before You Blink.

It's funny how God works.

When you started reading these posts from me

I was in a transitionary period -

Ramping up in my current position,

deprived of my ability to code because I was so busy,

and drunk with the feeling that I needed to realign myself

with the practices I once knew to be near and dear.

I silently vowed to never stop writing again –

fast forward to today, and I'm in the position

to feed my family off of it along with my technical skills.

Let these people tell you anything they want about you.

Your knowing is loud enough to drown out the noise.

Not everything we "see" is worth having -

but it doesn't hurt to snap a picture before it's gone.

Praying all is well your way.

Do your best to find the happiness in everything

and regardless of how hard it is currently..

Thank the source for the moment you're in right now.

There's power in each and every one.

& that power is really all we have.

~ Dev.