lately i've been swaying

back to old frameworks

forward to things we've never seen.

for many reasons - none to blame

I'm more concerned with the level of grace

i'm granting myself and I pray that others have –

as I lean more into


where I am

who I am

and who I was placed here to be.

anything less, short of or without

would be the biggest lie i've ever told.

I hate lying

more than i despise the layers I hide or shed

for everyone else's sake.

on the contrary - I like me.

Exactly how I am,

how i've been

and who I'm becoming.

mainly because I've always put in the work

to understand – no matter if it took 1 min, or 10 years.

another thing I don't like too much

is being this vulnerable outside of the space it's allowed.

but – that's boring and i'm tired

plus, I can see how much faster i'd get to where i'm going

if i take the weight of it off -

and continue with the weight i'm actually supposed to carry.

Hope all is well for you.

~ G.s. ~