Black Top Blues.

I’m greeted everyday with chilling amazement when I notice the ceiling of my current bedroom isn’t the same tint of “off-cream-white” as the apartment I began trying to change my life in.

I don’t believe in superiority. I may have once before. A few close calls later - my perspective is much different. Other than my now inherent desire to create a new world for my family, I’m driven by changing the narrative/perspective about those who look like me. Those who have a limited amount of resources. Those who don’t have a voice that’s louder than the cry of their frustration and defeat. Early on, I was blessed with a level of foresight and pockets of time to nurture my vision and ear. Now, instead of hiding away and gifting only my family with it - I’m pledging to spend the rest of my life making sure we share it with all of us. I wasn’t planning on sharing anything in lyric form in this series… But, I realized it could hold some value for some and open up perspective for those who don’t understand us or where we come from. This is about 5+ years old. One of few I remember verbatim from that time, and it wildly speaks to what we’re experiencing today. I’m not changing anything grammatically, as the way it was written was meant that way. Willing to open up discussion about anything said, with anyone.


90’s baby - these days are driving me crazy

by the day, it’s more amazing - i’m praying to see us thrive

probably would be helping if they didn’t target the 80’s

now there’s ken in cross hairs every time I go outside

they make it hard to find

why we confide in the lesser

maybe Jesus notice quicker with this hammer on the dresser

maybe if we drown this liquor, we’ll resurface in a better place

the pedal break, i’m gone - already ran through that set of 8

let’s set it straight

majority’s minority - so morally?

i’d be doing justice by laying you next to coral reefs

boy you not my brother - give a damn about a color

i ain’t got it and you do, so you can blame it on your mother

no script - the way we’re acting out

look around as you’re backing out

the road they paved for us was made so we’ll have it out

how I tell my mama, same ones she be asking ‘bout

might have to catch a bullet - I ever happen to catch ‘em out