Deliver The Message.

If you're reading this – thank you & welcome! This is officially the first issue created through the new platform/website. I'm happy to have you here 🙏🏾

To pick back up where I left off - I'm deciding to walk through a new concept I've stumbled across because I pray this message or one similar to it reaches you sooner than it arrived for me:

To efficiently handle our responsibility, we must strengthen our ability to respond.

One way to ensure that we are always one step closer to a better version of ourselves is to eradicate all unnecessary noise (as best as possible) surrounding the fundamental truth of the present moment.

What really helped me to bring this idea home is the summary of an old essay titled "A Message to Garcia" published in 1899 (Shoutout to 19 Keys 🤲🏾), where a soldier was given an order to deliver a message to an individual named Garcia – with no other detail or instruction. Instead of asking questions or overthinking it, the soldier was able to conjure enough motivation and found abundance in the order itself to get the job done.

Over the past few years, I've personally been working myself out of micro-cycles that take hold of my motivation and render me a bit slower to action than I know myself to be. I've seen it while developing software, pursuing a potential new opportunity, writing lyrics, and even interacting with my wife and son.

These things happen to the best of us. Somewhere along the line, we tend to get tricked back down to a level we once grew past and I believe a sure-fire way to make progress forward (or up) is to develop new tricks or perspectives that are stronger than ones you've used previously to grow. Whether that means creating a new environment that's conducive to what you desire, changing your routine or the things you intake (diet, content, etc.), or finding solitude for the clearest version of YOUR voice to shine through.

About 45 min before I wrote this, I personally sat in darkness and repeated out loud: "I Can Do Anything", 300+ times. To be honest – I knew that already, but now I can hear it loud and clear like I once did before.

No matter how you do it, or what works for YOU – It'll always serve you better if you Deliver the Message yourself, without anything or anyone in your way.

~ Dev

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