Devotion, from Desire.

There's always 1 moment

that changes every one that follows

An action that changes the rest of the actions we take.

A thought that lifts us

from the path we were previously on

and lowers us to an unpaved surface,

to chart a future not once seen.

Along the way,

we attain feelings

that turn into directions

and we are led to abundance –

but without experience or awareness

of the contrast that is needed:

These feelings can become the fog

that keep us within range of what we "see".

To be useful, is our aim

To contribute, is the purpose

Desire lends to our ability to sense

what it is that we believe we want

To graduate from this space

to one in which we transmute

these senses to utility

closes the gap.

Devotion, is this.

The journey between the two,

is a road built from understanding

that requires the pace of the devoted,

not the desiring.

Your true time,

your true pace,

& your true way

is just enough.

~ Dev