Everything You Need.

Sometime yesterday, I set 2 new alarms in my phone:

9:00am - "What are you obsessed with?"

8:00pm - "What are you obsessed with?"

The question may have more meaning for me at the moment, but i'm sure you can ask yourself the same and gain something from it.

I set these as reminders to redirect my focus as my day is in the midst of starting and ending.

In my experience, the things we are Naturally Obsessed with speak to:

  • Areas we can change/grow/improve in

and/or ...

  • The place within us, where our flame is lit

To shine light on our blind spots, is to enhance our world view.

In reality,

EVERYTHING we need is right here with us.

Our job is to adjust to our own pace, and finish out this Marathon.

~ Dev