Yo... i'll keep it a buck today –

i'm tired.

i've been workin on breaking myself

out of this cycle of "reason" –

where i take multiple




and begin to weigh them

against one another

until what no longer serves me

is no more.

am i deserving of more than others?

should i not look back as i push ahead?

am i sellin myself short by sharing this


or am i doing what's been asked of me?

i'm pretty sensitive to noise

so a lot of the time, i'm looking for

the signal

the frequency

in the middle of the chaos.


and just like that...

you were here to witness

god delivering my next answer.

look around

tune in

stay still

i promise

the answer you've been looking for

is in your presence.

new levels call for

new postures

new frameworks

& new languages

i'm excited.

thanks for ridin along.

~ Dev