Feed The Flame.

as life continues on, we're inundated with choices to make.

depending on our perspective – this could be good or bad for us.

i've had my fair share on both sides of the fence, and thanks to the many lives i've had before this one.. I'm able to see the beauty and power in the contrast.

one decision can take us to the moon and back.

where it gets tricky is:

the fashion in which we decide, can alter the experience of the ride there.

being militant doesn't have to mean "ill intent"

but no one knows if the narrative isn't clear.


the process between, is where we continue to cultivate the future reality.

no matter the clarity of the vision ..

it's our responsibility to nurture it from conception, like a child of our own.

when we enter the sight of one another

our spark

our light

our flame, lights the path

and spreads just like wildfire in nature

if not immediately

at some point.. the world will see what feeds our flame.

~ Dev