Humble Abode.

I can do anything on the face of this planet.

You can too.

The truth of the matter is, following that sentiment from a surface level standpoint would be foolish. We are all unique in our own right and to honor that uniqueness would look like extracting a never before seen natural resource from the core – or better yet: soil, of who we are. Just like every other resource or element that exists, there is a need for what only YOU have.

Life provides us all a representation of our "North Star(s)" in different ways and at different times – and no matter how close or far we think are from the source of that truth, it already lives right where we start.

One of my first pivotal reads was "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho. I recommend it, so i won't ruin it – but the lead character's journey is a prime representation of what happens when we aren't in tune with our strongest method of expression.

My first love and strongest expression has always been this. Since the age of 9, writing has opened up portals I couldn't uncover anywhere else until I was further developed.

This natural obsession will remain until I've done my part with it, and in this period will serve as my compass as I dissect myself.

I believe our Natural Obsessions to be of the same cloth of our gifts, if not the gift itself.

As apart of this study, I'll be running through a selective collection of books back to back. My first choice is one i've had for years, but haven't finished.

Decoded by Jay Z

Be Still.

Be Honest.

Be Open.

~ Dev