In The Presence of God.

This Is Fine.

Happy Sunday, I hope all is well.

To be honest, I don't have anything special to share today.

When I shifted to 1 day/week posts, my desire was to redirect my focus

toward the other areas of influence I feel called to –

& up until today, I felt as though I was failing.

I have a short but growing list of product ideas,

4-5 books I've only read 10-20 pages of before putting them down,

and a few large lingering features of an app to code.

Today, all because I wasn't lost in pace of the world

I stepped into a place

closer to myself, & closer to God

& was able to accomplish more than all the above.

Our truth lives beyond the things we think we need

Between us and all that we chase.

I'm happy to be who I am,

1,000 ideas a day and all –

but i'm more fulfilled

by the truth that stands when all is still.

~ Dev