Follow the Sound.

About 10 years ago, I turned an age I didn't believe I'd reach: 18.

We hear people say that, & sh*t - I'm annoyed by hearing people say it at this point

but when I think back on my own reality, my understanding heightens.

Ever since, there have been several instances in my life that helped to solidify

my gut feeling around a situation that was presented to me

After my first album, I received a random phone call

from my mother in the middle of a recording session

and she informed me that we were related to a very

important Black figure (won't name drop, cause i'm not into that)

But, because of that – I found the courage to

change the scope of my creation

to focus on records that were even more creative

then I had been creating.

During my days as a Salesman,

one of my early clients recommended that I go to college

and become a university professor

I honestly thought he was bull-sh*ting me, but he was very serious

and I listened to him and my wife – & ended up in college.

While in college, my English professor recommended that I change my major

from Audio Engineering to Writing/English, because more writers like me were


I brushed him off too,

but took all of the resources and

expanding my research in areas I naturally would have shied away from

based on my belief.

I pushed 1 passion completely to the side, to nurture a new one

which will inherently enable growth to be fostered in places i've never been

for people i've never met

far away from where I started

and most importantly for my beautiful baby boy

who will never have to experience anything that I have

because I'm conquering all of that shit.

all because I listen for the still small voice


Follow the Sound.

~ Dev