Friction Free.

On the brink of a new year

new age

new experiences

we wind down to charge back up

with full intent of making changes for the better

The further along we get

the heavier the load we carry

when what we initially promised ourselves,

doesn't come to fruition –

What if we shifted our natural focus?

What if we started today?

step by step,

towards 1 thing we want to change

what if we made a decision today,

that impacted the rest of our lives

before the new year even came?

I've made at least 2 this past week,

and i'm watching them shift my reality as I type

You can do the same.

There's nothing wrong with tradition,

there's nothing wrong with failing to learn

& there's definitely nothing wrong with grinding 'til we get it

but there's many components to sustaining the worth while:






& plenty more.

Honor your current capacity,

& respect the nature of it

as you push toward the next level.

~ Dev