Happy Sunday. Hope all is well.

Things are busier this way,

but no complaints.

With more attempts,

we are granted more perspectives

to view the future from –

& we gain the ability to optimize.

In motion we can surely adjust

to what the world throws at us

but i'm one to believe

that ability is cultivated

where everything we are begins:

at home.

Here I handle all my work,

create memories with family,

and with new opportunities unfolding

(ironically enough) - I feel the need to

reacquaint myself with this space

& feed it what I need in return.

Our world is huge & there's plenty

for us to experience with our time here –

but if our foundation isn't cared for

everything we do outside it reflects.

Keep steady on your journey,

but be sure to nurture where you lay as well

whatever that may mean for you.

~ Dev