Honorable Intent.

It's the last Sunday of the year,

and i'm happy to say we've made it here.

As I write, my family is here - still sound asleep next to me

& I really could not ask for anything more.

I don't know your current circumstances

but regardless,

I believe you couldn't either.

All that is beyond what we currently have

that we could possibly think we desire

is being shuffled around

for the proper moment in which we're ready to receive.

We obligate ourselves to the attraction of our flesh

only to strain the slipstream between our existence

and connection to spirit

We all still have worldly obligations to honor,

but when no ones looking

when no ones listening

or demanding our energy –

If we can find it to offer ourselves what we truly deserve

all of our debts would be paid instantly.

With the new year ahead,

honor yourself first

and I promise, all else will fall in place.

~ Dev.