Out of all natural inclinations we have as human beings

Interactivity is one of the most innate and influential

Around the clock

every part of what we know

is vibrating




for a number of different purposes

that culminate as what we see

from our blood cells to organs,

muscles & bones to skin

the design of our living spaces

the structure of how we move outside

on sidewalks, main roads and highways

the different ingredients we use

when creating a meal for our families

the way we were raised

translated in how we greet one another

with the addition of a specific context –

Everything is interacting in some shape or form

With intention, all of the above

produces a sort of "harmony"

without it, we are met with chaos.

Remaining aware of our intentions

with even the most menial tasks

can produce a supernatural outcome.

Once in motion, with the right first thought

Whatever we imagine becomes an immovable force

Until something stronger and faster comes along

Go to the foundation

Become rooted

Set the right intentions

& build your force.

~ Dev.