Make It Real.

The measure of success for most of us

comes from materializing the things we envision and desire.

Whether that be for ourselves

or the ones we love,

to reach that finish line

drives a large portion of the population everyday.

As I've shared in previous posts –

I also have my fair share of goals, but along my journey

I've come to understand the importance of

how the bigger picture can be affected by everything in between.

Today I plan to share a framework I've created for myself in one area of my life

that has proven to ensure success in earlier stages of the process:

"Make It Work, Make It Pretty, Make It Real"

For the past 2 years, I've been an active practitioner of Software Development and User Experience.

For anyone who knows what this entails, I'm sure you understand how many moving pieces there are to account for 👀

While neck deep in the project I'm currently working on –  

I crafted the above phrase to keep me and my work on track as I move forward

& I believe it may have the potential to help with whatever it is you're looking to accomplish for yourself.

When building any piece of software, having a framework in place to guide the development can save time, alleviate any issues that may come up and make the end product match the desired outcome.

I believe they can be interchangeable, but I normally start with them in this fashion:

1) Make It Work:

The functionality of a product (how it works) or the service provided normally dictates how we perceive it and/or if we decide to continue using it.

Below are some examples:

Email Service Providers:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Aol (You might need to reevaluate some things 😅)


  • McDonald's
  • Red Lobster
  • Panera Bread


  • Apple (iPhones, Macbooks, etc.)
  • Samsung (Flatscreen TVs, Phones, etc.)
  • Lenovo (Smart Phones, Tablets, etc.)

As you read through the examples above, i'm positive that your mind labeled each of them with a particular level of status or quality based on your experience, right?

As humans, we do this with just about everything that we come across.

To have this in mind as you build out your ideas can help to form a more solidified foundation that can be expressed through the finished build of your product and/or content. What people see when they see you can be designed before they even see you.

Think to yourself at every stage of creation... how can I make this work/function the best for those who want it and what does that mean?

2) Make It Pretty:

Visual aesthetic is another one of the major driving forces behind decision making for all of us.

If it doesn't look good, or make us feel what we desire we're putting back on the shelf.

More examples:


  • BMW i8
  • Kia Forte
  • Volkswagen Beetle


  • Jordan 1 Retros
  • Crocs
  • Steve Madden Loafers

If you were to google each of the examples above, I'm pretty sure I know which ones you'd pick if we were only talking about the visual aesthetic and design.

As you craft your ideas – try to incorporate the feelings, thoughts and desires of you what you want people to experience when they see what you have to offer.

3) Make It Real:

This last principle is more of a supporting/supplemental one, but I believe it's just as important as the other two.

We see a lot of companies, brands and individuals fail when it comes to this. The elements that make products desirable in our eyes, are normally things we can't speak to in the moment that we see them. To reference examples I listed above:

  • Apple:

The consistency between the products, stores and marketing generally makes the experience more pleasing for potential buyers. To top it off, the actual quality of the products themselves tend to overdeliver on what they promised.

  • Jordan 1 Retros:

If you're not familiar with this particular shoe, God bless you. For those who are, I'm sure that no matter how much you know about the story behind the shoe and even if you've never owned a pair – you know how important they are to Black, but also American culture.

The stories of origin, the intricacies embedded into the cracks and crevices, and the mental, physical and emotional load we can take off of people with what we create are all things that can impact the world in a positive way if accounted for somewhere in the creation process.

I don't believe this phrase or these principles to be law, but I view them as another set of tools to pull out when i'm hitting roadblocks while creating.

When bringing your ideas to life and you're having a hard time, I implore you to figure out how to "Make It Work, Make It Pretty, Make It Real".

Hope you enjoyed today's share! Feel free to provide your thoughts or reach out with questions if any.

God Bless.

~ Dev