North Star Paradox.

Signs are everywhere – I've always been one to believe that.

There's a Chance the Rapper line I love:

"I don't believe in Science, I believe in Signs"

In the moment my face warped at how in pocket the delivery was, but i vividly remember discussing the line with close friend and he said: "That's hard, but I believe in both" – & I had a very similar thought when I first heard it.

I began down this stream of thought around Signs earlier yesterday while listening to a lecture given by a man named Mo Gawdat (Ex Chief Business Officer of Google X). About half way through the talk he began deconstructing his point around the idea that (Paraphrasing):

The most pivotal moments in our lives aren't as bad as we first believed them to be, and they are normally markers for change and/or growth. Although – We normally don't realize this until much later, once we've gone through the process of the entire experience.

At this point in my life, I find this to be true. Every single thing I can look back on, I tend to find a hint of meaning in. We as humans tend to search for meaning in every event and mostly try to attach meaning to things in real time.

Since about 12-13 yrs old – I've had all the freedom in the world, with no restriction. Old friends of mine were jealous about it, but every time I share that with someone today they're concerned 😂. To me, regardless of what I went through – This was one of my greatest gifts. That freedom led me to where I am today, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Because of this, I'm going to begin a small research project around the concept of "Knowledge of Self" with MYself as the prime exhibit. This will encompass several book studies, exercises and retrospective reviews on my behalf to produce results to share & I'm happy to have you present on this journey with me.

To start, I ask that you talk back to me about what you feel about this post if you have the time!

Happy Wednesday, Hope all is well.

~ Dev