Nothing's Really Wrong.

thought exercise of the day:

other's don't think like you ..

they may not understand ..

they may have different paths ..

but nobody has power over you.

you may be in pain ..

you may have a long way to go ..

things may never be the same ..

but there's nothing wrong with you.

yeah, you went through that ..

yeah, you did all that ..

yes, you used to feel those ways ..

but that's not who you are.

you may not be where you want right now ..

you may not have what you desire right now ..

you may be unhappy with some things ..

but what is for you, is already here with you.

I vow to deconstruct the ideas life allows.

I vow to look up instead of down.

I vow to lean on my truth, rather than what's given to me – first.

I am fine.

I am love.

I am truth.

I am a child of god.

I look around and back only to gain respect for what's been done

and what's been created

not to hold on to.

not to claim.

but to steward over, as I'm blessed to experience it.

don't be anxious

don't be worried

don't be scared

be understanding

be loving

be inquisitive

be directive

your gift will lead you to a higher vantage point

in order to make change for those around and after you.




~ Dev