Define Your Currency.

starting today off with a lil' secret -

this daily practice started as a promise to myself

and it will remain daily until January, 22nd of 2022.

(God Willin')

This isn't for money

This isn't for clout

It's all for pure expression, discipline

and the opportunity for me to touch base with you daily.

Not too sure what it's doing for you -

but I pray it helps in one way or another.

We live in a world that's governed by several different ideas

of what's really important

By nature, i'm against all of that.

I believe it's up to us to define what our values are,

nurture them and present them in how we carry ourselves individually

Not by what we're told, or what's "in".

We don't have a ton of time here,

so how do we make it count?

15 years ago – someone "like me"

where I come from

couldn't even fathom

being in my shoes today.

I value that, and I plan to help other's – like YOU

know that you're capable and worthy

to do whatever it is, you're here to do

to be whoever it is, you're here to be.

Starve the Distractions, Feed Your Focus.

Special thanks to my Mother-In-Law for this:

If you'd like to reply with thoughts/questions about anything I cover or you'd like to make requests, feel free to reply! I'll get back to you.

God Bless,

~ Dev