Prophecy Proceeds.

90% of the ideas that I'm blessed with

come to me in 2-5 word phrases,

that can be translated into 1,000+ words.

everything i've ever truly done,

has only been for the sake of it

and all these years later, I'm learning that

anytime I push beyond that

I want nothing to do with it anymore.

i don't want to " x + y = z "

my way into a position

or do things the way the "I should".

this is my first time here in this experience

& I think the best way to experience it,

is by doing things in ways

we've never seen them before

or expounding on things we have,

regardless if you like it or not

even further,

I believe it to be dishonorable

for ANY of us to live like that.

We have to "split the difference" here.

I'm everything I am

because if I wasn't

you wouldn't be reading this.

The craziest part about it all

is I didn't necessarily realize that fully

until just right now.


Thank you for your time today.

Whenever you have a sec, do me a favor

Respond to this and let me know your

thoughts on this post or any one you've

received previously. I continue this

because I'm called to, but i'm more of

a listener + observer, than speaker.

God bless, and I wish you a great week ahead.

~ Dev