Protect The Faith.

The measure of some lessons are intangible until we experience some of our hardest battles.

What is for us, will be – but each of us are born into this world with many invisible tools at our disposal to navigate more efficiently than we understand.

Thoughts, words and beliefs are all powerful mechanisms that we encounter on an everyday basis and majority of us don't have methods in place to filter through what really belongs to us and what doesn't.

I personally have watched a good portion of people around me make decisions based on ideas that weren't theirs in the first place, and I'm familiar because I've made a small amount of my own with this posture. In order to attain a life that truly belongs to us, it will require us to Protect where we place our Faith.

Protect the entirety of your existence and be mindful about every moving part – and after a period of time, a stronger version of yourself will be there to congratulate you.

~ Dev