Proximity Effect.

Happy Sunday Beautiful Human.

Just had a quick truth to share…

I believe the greatest gift we’ve been given and will be is the ability to decide.

The course of our lives depends on the strength of our decision making.

The smallest remark, action or gesture could reverberate throughout our existence and change things for 1 human being (you or someone else).

In turn, that 1 human being could decide to use their blessing to change the lives of Millions.

I, myself, have decided in the past to lessen my standard of decisiveness for the sake of a specific outcome.

Which wasn’t a bad decision — I just didn’t visualize the totality of what all was to come with that decision.

With one stroke of an imaginary pen - the entire story can change.

We are all powerful.

To be honest, I’ve know I was for quite some time.

Although, it’s just taken me a few poor decisions to realize how much responsibility is required with that power.

This is where we all turn the other cheek and run.

When it knocked on my door, I didn’t answer.

Ultimately it broke in and served me.

I surrendered, and decided to take it on.. but in turn, many things happened that I didn’t plan for.

I began to lose certain relationships.

I was no longer “fun”.

I began to “take things too serious”.

This is the part of the story where our power comes in handy.

If we’re familiar with who God says we are + what God wants us to see/know…

None of that will ever matter.

Your truth exists within the limits of your being.

Trust… there’s no need to search outside of it.

~ Dev.