Remember The Promise.

Take a moment and ask yourself this question: What is my truth?

As good as it may feel.. As great as it may sound. None of this is about you. Day in, day out - We add layers to our reality to escape how unfamiliar we are with what we experience each moment. We discretely go out of our way to strive for what we know before taking a step toward the unknown out of fear and/or the inability to let go.

To be completely transparent - These days I struggle with this the most.

I could come up with reasons why.

I could break them each down 10 different ways.

I could speed down memory lane and tell you a colorful story that would justify it all.

I’m not still alive and breathing to waste time doing any of that though.

I’m still here to serve a purpose not to be named and I believe you are too. Remember what you were promised when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for you.

I know there’s someone out there right now, trapped behind a mentality, environment or expectation like I once was - believing that’s all they will ever have and they are who they are.

& I’m here to challenge that with everything that I do.

~ Dev