it comes a point in time

where the momentum of a creation

is greater than the belief any being could have.

We've seen this happen throughout our lives

with several different movements and events

& the primary catalyst is always rooted

in a foundational truth, that varies.

The first event that struck me in this way,

was the power of Hip-Hop.

Since the age of 9, my life was warped

around figuring out how I could contribute

Until my own story was impacted and began to match

a lot of what I heard through the music –

and now it's a part of my DNA

just as much as it's apart of the Culture

the world is now following.

I'm happy to say,

I was struck by the second event a few years back

with technology becoming a prime area of focus for me.

With music, I was wildly secretive

with hopes of saving the tool that saved my life.

This time around, i'm devoting a good portion of my life

to sharing the power of this medium that we all know

to be the most powerful force of our lifetime.

With that being said, I plan to begin to share a good amount more

of technical offerings with my perspective ingrained

in hopes that we all can benefit from the silent shaping of our future.

~ Dev