Speaking Peace.

Every New Level of consciousness requires a New Language - 19 Keys

who we are is more than enough

as we were created with all we need

Uniqueness is a gift

that creates gaps between the intricacies

of where we begin and end.

to reach where you're going

may require the letting go,

or acceptance of a new form of communication

that resonates with who/what is present when you arrive

I started with pen to paper

then elevated to vocal recording

which led to live performance

and back to pen on paper

but this time – the writing came from

individuals who knew more than me.

These days, I spend time downloading the symbolism

buried in technical documentation and programming languages

to extract the constructs that drive our society today –

I just got to this level, and i'm already searching for the next door.

The best part about it all is that the stronger my understanding gets,

the more I'm able to see where my "primary" languages have a place

with where I stand today. I wish the same things for you and yours.

I wish you growth, prosperity and no ceilings in the world you live in.

God bless,

~ Dev.