past thoughts.

Thorn of Mine.

I'm led by spirit empowered by an engrained sense of responsibility I'm not here to be indifferent I'm not here to even be "special" It's greater than me It's something I see in

Live, Alive.

morning. quick note: every single thing you see you touch you consume and you interact with will have energy and a lesson to offer you. slow when necessary – but remain open, & aware. ~ Dev.

Nothing's Really Wrong.

thought exercise of the day: other's don't think like you .. they may not understand .. they may have different paths .. but nobody has power over you. you may be in pain .. you may have


lately i've been swaying back to old frameworks forward to things we've never seen. for many reasons - none to blame I'm more concerned with the level of grace i'm granting myself and

In the Middle.

Happy Father's Day. Quick piece of trivia .. What 1 thing is true for you when every single thing that is partially true is non-existent? Find it, and never forget it. ~ Dev