Talk When You Get Here.

The beauty of this practice – prioritizing putting my present thoughts down at least once a day – is that I gain something from it before I hit publish, even if I don't know it yet.

To those who have voiced what it's done for them, thank you 🤲🏾

TBH – I'm a firm believer in the presence of lessons in every experience we have.

Some days we may not see it right off, sometimes it may take months or years until we understand – and because of that, finding a solid foundation within the not knowing has been a focus of mine for some time now.

Here we hit an inevitable crossroad, but most importantly – we do have a choice.

We can choose to be bystanders to the outcome of moving pieces around us, or we can become one with the machine by learning the inner workings to alter our external experience.

For me, I enjoy utilizing the level of autonomy we are all granted. Not only do I see it as a high level form of worship – I believe that exercising our capacities serves as a mechanism of self love as well.

Regardless of the stance you take, I encourage you to become familiar with the force that is working in your favor.

~ Dev