The Equalizer.

I was delaying the topic for today's share

to perfect my overall perspective on it

but I'm letting it go to honor my heart

for the totality of my time on earth

i – like most of you have been burdened

with the reality of being trapped inside

a system that doesn't favor people like us

the vessel of expression I used to cope,

contained a mixture of writing & music

this allowed me me to translate

my daily challenges

& seeing the art materialize my feelings,

helped me to push forward in a world

where I can see a being who looks like me –

but looks at me like they would take my life

which in turn led me to looking back

in the same way

Music and Writing was the first superpower I knew I had.

Technology is leading me to the second.

We are on the frontier of the next

technological shift since the creation of the internet.

Web3 & Blockchain technology will change everything we know today.

I don't expect you to go out of your way, but please keep your eyes and ears open.

For the first time in 28 years, I see something that has the potential

to change the landscape of life as we know it.

Our largest hurdles as a people are the willingness to unify & maintenance of trust

This invention has the ability to rebuild the social structure of our communities

at an exponential rate –

I'll be writing about it more in the future, but do me a favor

Take some time and dig in if you can.

~ Dev