Stay Dangerous.

They say

Why the long face – boy you're free

You're clinically insane

if you think differently

Quiet as a thief

though, welcoming and kind

let's please him, & mislead him

steal his family, then his mind

replaced with a "dream"

he'll be fine

give him opportunity

and a little bit of time

away from what we placed him in

to stimulate his mind

make him think he's made it

and repeat it down the line

As of late,

I've been stuck at a crossroad

delineating between my voice

and my eyes

I know what I see

and everything I feel afterwards

is causal

Meaning, depending on our awareness

at any given moment –

what is seen outside of us

can guide our footsteps before our integrity

has a say

But my voice is always present

& even when still

it's louder than everything to come

The moment we choose to

control the narrative

is the moment we are reborn

~ Dev