The Illusion of Identity.

Happy Saturday,

Today's post is coming a day early as my spirit urged me to share this.

It's a long one, so make time if you can.

For the past few years, I've juggled between two separate ideas

regarding how we as humans should groom our "Identity".

For the first 21 years of my life, my entire identity

was consumed by my love of music and artful expression –

Which leads to my first idea of this:

Prophetic Devotion

Before, "Prophetic Devotion" was my only way of understanding

my entire existence through all of the good and bad times

It was the way I colored my actions:

Social Connection - Talk with friends, events I attended, etc.

Physical Expression - How I dressed, activities I partook in, etc.

Solitary Experience - School work, personal growth, etc.

Every experience I had could somehow be connected

to the method I used to know Who I Was

To me "Prophetic Devotion" is any activity, practice or belief system

that we naturally produce or attract, that feels almost divine when we're in it

& we have no way to explain why it's something we're great at

or why we continue to do it.

The only caveat with this idea, is that without proper intention and focus

it can be very passive and lackadaisical.

Around 22 years old, my focus in music and art ensued –

but I experienced a shift, that led me to become

more of a practitioner at heart

which morphed me to approach every piece of work

with a more technical outlook

My hands began to touch every part of the process

even if it was at a distance

I became more calculated than ever before.

Fast forward to 26 years old - when I began my transition

into the world of Technology, much more technically polished than before

The correlation between what I knew at 22

and what I seen at 26 -

exploded as loud as low caliber pistols

in Kansas City streets.

Juuuuuuuust loud enough to know that there's potential

for a life altering moment, too close for comfort.

& just like those situations, if the energy is just right

you may not escape the rabbit hole -

I ended up putting my "purpose" on the back burner,

to sacrifice the capacity of my mind to something potentially greater

than any 16 bar verse could offer – The second idea:

Our Own Likeness

No matter what any of us believe in,

we all straddle the fence that peaks over the cliff

into what God has for us in our lifetimes.

We are all here to figure out what that is

and fulfill it –

My expanse past general devotion

into a new journey filled with actual work

to be a better version of Who I Am

led me to being a master of my art

and now devoting my life and time to something

I'm not "qualified" to do or learn:

Software Engineering

Digital Architecture

User Experience


& much more I don't speak about

to anyone but God.

The first idea: "Prophetic Devotion", speaks to those who walk through life

with more of a mindset encompassed by just being – natural, modern day people.

The second, "Our Own Likeness" – leans more toward the humans

we only hear about, who create realities around us no one we know could dream of

like a Elon Musk, Quincy Jones or Barack Obama.

At the intersection of the two, I find myself compelled to ask you:

Please do not restrict, coddle, quiet or disown who you are

for the sake of the comfort of others

or even to elude the reality of being alone.

We are not here to suffer for the sake of nothin

but I wholeheartedly believe we are not here to be cute.

No matter what your path looks like, your sole mission

is to be the best version of yourself by any means necessary.

Rant over. God bless,

~ Dev