Too Little, Too Late.

I'm in a "personal" mood:

our presence has purpose

our word can mean more than we intend

our time is limited

but our perception gives us control.

14-15 years ago,

I began writing for several hours every day

with no intentions

other than getting better at:

the actual craft

and understanding it.

through this practice, I:

was brought closer to self

closer to God

and it kept me out of trouble

for as long as possible.

this time around

it's different –

I know have much more growth ahead

but right now,

it's more about me stewarding over

my truths.

because of that,

I'm expanding this newsletter to have more structure

and additional styles of content.

as of now, I don't know the cadence/frequency –

but I can say it'll be much more than

spontaneous thoughts I share with you every Sunday.

hope you enjoy what's to come, i'm happy to have you here.

~ Dev