What Is A Man?

Someone I have a lot of love and respect for, once posed this question. We had a small passing conversation about the title around that time and it never left my mind.

“What Is a Man?”

My recent years have been spent chipping away at the foundation of this question. I’ve worked toward, within and outside of the answer.

Where I stand today, is a place where I realize that question doesn’t have an answer that can be understood by the language we use to communicate with each other. No one person or thing can lead me to that conclusion. No man, woman or child can add to the determining factors of the resultant ultimatum. I used to pride myself on how well I controlled the energy around me. These days I pride myself on how little I really require and the fact that I bust my ass for more. As I type this, I’ve been blessed with a whole new perspective to build from. Still, I can’t explain What a Man is. I wouldn’t even waste my time laying out “qualities” or “actions” that I believe would constitute the whole.

The one thing I do know is that for the rest of MY life, i’ll be answering that question for myself and allowing every other answer to exist with the wind.


~ Dev