What Is Your Truth?

Our greatest desires worship the core of who we are .. and just like in any unbalanced relationship, this can be detrimental without proper attention.

In other words:

Who we need to be in order to experience or achieve the life we desire is already here with us, at the root of who we are.

Can't lie – this sounds cheesy and cliche as hell. Majority of what we discuss moving forward may as well ... but only on the surface of the topic. Without any additional discovery, most things that sound cliche are abandoned along with the value they carry.

At this point in my life, truth to me is a fabric of our existence that is tangible and can be touched – as long as we strengthen our perception around what we're searching for. Although, for as long as I can remember .. I've never looked forward to the weekend, just because. I've mostly always looked forward to Mondays, mainly because it always feels like the start of something new.

Removing elements that don't matter the most from our lives can open up doors to new experiences, ideas and more. Do me a favor today - Don't trip about anything if you can help it.

Find a new perspective that serves you better, before the old one destroys what you're working so hard for.

~ Dev