What You Ask For.

About a week ago, I created a new Desktop Screensaver with very specific words that I felt I wanted to see each time I opened this computer:






& "Only Water What You Want To Grow"

For the past couple years, I've used methods like this to redirect my focus when I find myself off track. Mainly because I've come to learn, once that happens – nobody is coming to save you, & only YOU know what truly works for you.

At about 6am this morning I was in my car reciting lyrics I wrote 5+ years ago, and I could still feel the power in every word, the transition of the cadence and the interlocking of bars.

I know the power of words and how we use them to be true and effective.

As of late, I've been shaking off the idea of looking at these things as a form of protection –

I see these actions as actual tools that help me to build my reality. As I look back over my life, I'm able to see several other key moments where I utilized the same types of tools and the resulting destination they led me.

Two years ago around this time, I decided to dive head first into Technology, and 30 min ago I got off a 2 1/2 hour call with one of the most talented developers I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

No matter what this means to you, I ask you to dive deeper into every part of who you are and activate your truth. You create your reality, and NOBODY can truly take it from you unless you relinquish what you know deep down inside.

And if you happen to let it go, just know you still have the breath and time to get it back.

~ Dev