Wherever, You Are.

Good Morning, Good Afternoon.

I hope all is well. I hope this one helps.

Me? I'm leaning towards blessed with all of my power.

"Transformative" is the best way for me to

describe my experience since the top of this new year we're in.

Quick snapshot of me over the past few weeks:

Seized by spirit & forced to relook at what was neglected or fed more than needed.

I believe that^ is a perfect representation of what we look like when we're healing,

when we're surrendering what we believe we know, for the next download or level.

Let me get a little more specific..

I was taken back to 3 younger versions of my self throughout this period, with the

privilege to view myself at my toughest times in a whole new light.

These times all had a similar recurring theme,

and a similar recurring object in them.

That object, as simple as it is - provided me the sanctuary to host

all of the most important promises i've made to myself thus far.

To top it off, a Birthday gift I received from my mother

a few weeks back, served as the final instance of this lesson.

To make sense of all the above, this is what I've learned:

Losing sight of your fundamental truth(s)

makes room for a different story to be written

that may include you, but does not belong to you.

Rather than aid the narrative,

the words you're reading serve as the start

of a new novel.

& I thank YOU for taking the time.

~ Dev.