Will You Surrender?

follow the flow of the world


give in to the sound of your nature –

in my past,

I tackled my day with the weight of my roadblocks

only to get back up the next day

& add to the pain

choosing to go against the grain,

the finest light on ocean breeze

I clawed for solid foundation

and everything I could dream

I swam for my life

until I no longer had the strength

then slowly, repositioned my focus

toward my new destination

no longer do i fight

what God intended for me

my new daily commitment

becoming one with the stream


i hope this reaches you well.

it's definitely feeding me well.

you, reading this:

Thank you,

because this means I'm alive and stronger than ever –

& so are you.

& we honestly couldn't ask for more.

God Bless,

~ Dev.