Word Made Flesh.

Good Morning!

When I began this daily practice over a month ago,

It was a promise I made to ensure I honored a gift given to me

that had a hard rule in place for only myself to know

Today – I'm breaking the rule,

to allow this practice to grow into it's rightful form

For those of you who've been very vocal

about what these daily pieces have done for you

Thank you – You're the reason I remained committed

beyond the commitment I made to myself

Good News & Bad News:

I'm reducing the frequency of my posts to once a week

and they will now be released primarily on Sundays

unless i'm moved to share sooner.

We deserve more,

we deserve the best.

In order to attain that,

work is required.

I've spent several days sharing thoughts

around what I believe will carry us all

to the next level,

& now I have to dive further to prioritize more of my time

towards enriching my focus and understanding

in all of the areas i'm called to.

Feel free to respond with any thoughts, questions or concerns.

I'm looking forward to continuing this journey with you.

~ Dev