You're Here Now.

Somedays I sort of wish, my ancestors were still here.

Somedays I sort of wish, I could explain my life experience better.

The one thing I can’t bring myself to wish - is that any moment of my life up to this point was different.

I’ve lived a very particular life, and so have you.

We have a choice to be gifted or cursed — what you believe your reality to be is up to you and how you perceive everything.

Where we all get lost (in my personal opinion) - starts at the point where we begin to look outside of ourselves for the answers.

There’s so much, right here.. right now.

I began to learn that about 10 years ago and since I’ve swayed from that understanding a few different times.

Although, every time I get the chance to be still - the truth remains the same.

We don’t know everything, but even in the midst of chaos …

What you know to be your “Foundation”, “Blueprint” or “Truth” holds or can provide everything you truly need to grow and it exists right where you are in this moment even if it’s just an experience or new perspective.

& since it belongs to YOU - no one other than YOU can see that, no matter how close they are.

The last half-decade for me was spent trying to subtly erase my wrongs rather than embracing them to catapult further into who I was placed here to be.

Put God First, Position yourself for Growth and remember - No matter how it’s going:

You’re Here Now, and that’s all that really matters ✌🏾